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ghost and the girls chapter 1

She got up from her uncomfortable chair and stretched her feline body, her breasts strained against the fabric of her polyester blouse, she wiped a bead of sweat of her forehead despite the intense blizzard the air-conditioning was creating she always sweated profusely when she was nervous, and boy, was she nervous, a shiver ran through her curvy five foot ten frame and she placed her round big ass on the table.
She had arranged to meet ghost, an old friend, the memories of their past encounters sent chills down her spine.
Ghost had funded her education and had provided her with a steady income through her cash strapped college days, they had met after Jada had stumbled into a strip club with a friend Shana looking for employment, they were desperate and had met ghost the managing pimp of the illegal enterprise, Ghost was renowned in the underground world as a leading supplier of flesh he had told them there were no vacancies and had proceeded to excuse himself, Shana had dropped down her knees and begged ghost tugging at his leather pants while Jada watched despairingly, Shana had always been more outgoing than Jada and had clutched at ghost legs crying and rubbing her 36dd bosom against his leg. Jada had watched in shock as an erection strained against the crotch of his pant while Shana unabashedly ran her hand over his leather clad ass and thighs, he had pulled her off him and looked into Jada’s eyes as he backed off, he saw the shock and smiled as he sat on his mahogany desk. Shana sat on the floor with her mini skirt bunched around her thick thighs weeping in despair, when ghost had said "maybe we can work sum'n out"
He had a devilish grin on his handsome but rugged dark face, Jada had felt chills.
"What?" Shana had asked with restored vigor.
"Take off your top" he said. Shana got to her feet and began to tug her blouse to Jada’s surprise, her friend had gotten desperate.
"Is that it" Shana had asked confidently as she pulled her blouse over her head revealing a bosom that squeezed deliciously against her black satin bra.
"No, that’s not it" ghost had replied "your friend too....and you must be ready to be hundred percent obedient or...forget it"
Shana had frowned at Jada and said "common Jada lets do this"
Jada had gotten up despite the anarchy his grin had imposed on her mind and began to unbutton her blouse.
"Your bras too" he added.
Jada shrugged the top off her shoulders and pulled her bra straps down revealing her perky 34dd breasts, Shana unclasped her bra and her plump chocolate boobs, had ghost salivating at the sight of two pairs of magnificent mammaries, he rubbed his hardened dick through his pants and sighed as they watched in near fear.
"Two of you are going to earn large salaries if you are ready to make me happy" he said to reinforce their willingness to please him Shana grinned weakly at Jada confirming her willingness to engage this rich stranger in anything that he might suggest, she smiled back in silent agreement.
"I want you to kiss each other..." Shana had moved in and grabbed Jada before she could have a rethink, her long tongue slid into Jada’s mouth and Jada felt woozy, she grabbed Shana’s large tits to steady herself, she could feel Shana’s hands allover her body probing her lycra covered ass her hardening aureoles and her flushed skin.
She began to respond as her pussy engorged and filled with juice, she grabbed Shana’s turgid nipple and tweaked till Shana moaned out loud, she heard the chair move and knew ghost had stood up from his chair.
"Don’t stop" he said as he walked towards the entwined friends, Jada felt his hand encircle her and Shana as a rod pressed into the soft globes of the Lycra covered ass.
"I’m going to fuck you two while you fuck each other" he breathed huskily into her ear as he reached around to cup Shana’s firm bottom, his other hand went under her skirt and hiked it up, Shana’s hand snaked round and began to knead his prick as she moved her head down to take Jada’s nipples into her sucking mouth, Jada moaned as Shana freed ghost hard ness and as the angry snake squirmed between her thong covered butt cheeks.
Jada could feel juices dripping down her thighs and soaking her g-string, she had never been so wet, it was probably the super sized reefer Shana had persuaded her to hit before they left Shana’s place, she had never considered her friend a sexual partner but so far she was aroused and on her way to a job offer plus she needed a good fuck.
Shana’s dexterous tongue flicked against Jada’s pointy peaks and teased them into further elongation she felt ghost slide his penis between the soft thick and voluptuous mounds of her African booty as he cupped her friends massive bosom.
Jada had reached behind her to grab ghost’s dick, she felt Shana push the crotch of her panties aside and snake a manicures finger into her slippery vulva.
Oh my god she moaned out loud, she responded by moving her soft palms up and down ghost’s prick in a wanking frenzy that had the strip club entrepreneur staggering back as he detached himself from Shana’s tits and Jada’s ass. He felt the sensations of an impending climax subside as he stepped back. Jada’s hand had taken up work on Shana’s tempting curves as she was fingered teasingly by her friend expert fingers. She reached around and pushed her hand into the boob sucking Shana’s jeans and struggled through the tight fit of her derriere to get to Shana’s pussy, she caressed the hairy region and attacked her clitoris, and Shana crumbled to the floor taking Jada with her as ghost watched with his hand softly caressing his balls.
These two were hot; no doubt, he thought to himself, he would add them to his network.
He moved towards the sixty- nining females and crouched behind them, he had discarded the obstructive leather pant and his cock reared its thick head. Shana lifted her head up as she pulled Jada’s soaked underwear off, she grasped ghost’s penis softly and worked it slowly, and Jada sat up as she noticed her friend had ceased to lavish wet attention on her pulsating titties. She saw Shana lean forward and take ghost’s manhood into her soft lips.
"Oh! Good suck it…" he groaned as Shana wreaked havoc on his penis with her mouth.
Jada moved downwards and began to tug on her friend’s tight jeans; she pulled it down along with the black satin panties and buried her head in Shana’s dense forest, her tongue darting over her erect clit. She heard Shana make sounds that her full mouth made inaudible. Shana responded by sucking on ghost with a vengeance.
"Gawd, oh gawd!" she heard ghost mutter, she felt his strong hand part her legs, he began to rub her entire pussy in slow circular strokes, her head resumed its spinning, and she craved a dick to fill the gaping emptiness in her cunt. She felt Shana begin to quiver and shake heralding the dawn of an orgasm, and she had had enough, she needed cock, NOW.
"Ahh..Ahh, I’m coming" Shana began to moan as she dissolved in a chocolate pleasure puddle. Her mouth slipped of ghost’s penis with a length of saliva mixed with pre-cum joining her lips to his torso.
Jada climbed on ghost and straddled him, she pulled her Lycra up and leaned forward with her hands resting on his broad shoulders, his dick bobbed against her mound and the contact was electric, and she reached behind and positioned him at the sloppy crevice of her sloppy cunt. He pushed upwards and the massive phallus impaled her filling her pussy completely.
She began to ride him as he writhed, his eyeballs rolling in their sockets,  Shana decided she had been ignored for too long as her intense multiple orgasms began to subside, she crawled towards the fucking duo and placed her head between Jada’s thighs as she wound her ass on ghosts thick cock, she began to vibrate her thick moist tongue against Jada’s clit ,ghost grabbed one of her plump breasts as he felt her tongue snake over his thrusting dick, the sensations Shana’s tongue brought was two intense and she began to buck on ghost as she felt her climax approaching,
Ghost suddenly leaned up displacing Shana and grabbing Jada as he exploded into rivers of cum that gushed into the climaxing Jada, they clutched at each other as they writhed to the ministration of their simultaneous orgasm.
He slid his still tumescent penis from her dripping pussy and propped himself on his elbow as Jada lay still on the thick rug.
"Shana, come here, its your turn" he called out as another erection replaced the fading one………..